Sunday, April 19, 2009

Viloria vs Solis Result / Viloria Redeems Himself

Viloria vs Solis Result - a massive Viloria right ended Solis dream of retaining his IBF light flyweight crown with 2:56 left of Round 11. Viloria dominated the fight early but slowed down as the match wore on and with Solis borderline low shots. Viloria's corner reminded him not to throw away his fight. Taking the advice to heart, Viloria relentlessly attacked Solis at the start of the eleventh much to the delight of the crowd. Then, a well-placed right from Viloria decked Solis winning the title in the process.

Congratulations Bryan Viloria!!! The knockout was spectacular - Brian Viloria has been hitting Solis with his right all night but the last Right hit the jackpot and the Mexican fell. Brian Viloria redeemed himself. Ah...another boxing world champion thank you!

Viloria vs Solis Result: Vilora wins via Round 11 Knock out

Again I don't want to read like my newspaper this is a blog so I changed my style. Thank you very much for the support.

Next stop Donaire vs Martinez - another great boxing matching up. I'm missing UFC 97 for this!


Watching Silva vs Leites right now. Donaire update to follow!

Viloria vs Solis

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