Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pervs Angry At Philippine Congress For Banning Hent@i Anime

There are pervs angry at the Philippine Congress (House of Representatives to be exact) after it passed a bill banning p-rnogr@phic anime. Nobody claims to be righteous here but I can tell you frankly hent@i esp. animated children p-rnogr@phy is DISGUSTING. UK has banned it along with other countries with semblance of decency left. The country has its own set of values that it adheres to and no pervs are going to change that. No, the age of imposition from some Western nitwits is over. Yes, the Philippine House of Representatives and the entire Congress for that matter is not the bastion of morality and I'm not saying they are one but who cares? The most important thing is this new avenue of perversion is stopped. What about the law's implementation? We will deal with that later as long as there's a law in place that protects the rights of children and send pervs to jail. Huff and Puff all they want but one thing's for certain our Congressmen don't care. Not all countries enjoy schoolgirls flashing their und!es. Do you enjoy that? Get some professional help.

Oh they should stop using freedom of speech to mask their perversion. It's getting old.

The bill is still pending and hopefully will be signed into law soon.
Technically the correct term should be l-li but our Congress used Hent@i - whatever it is, it is still p-rn.

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