Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yammy Arrancar O / Yammy Is The Strongest Arrancar?

In a twist that took many by surprise including the know-it-alls in Bleach forums, Yammy is the strongest Arrancar (sero). I had a bad feeling about it when Yammy got underestimated by Sado. People always thought Yammy is just Ulquiorra's side kick and the fact the former got beaten by Ichigo in their first meeting didn't bode well for his reputation. Yammy released his power pushing his rank from 10 to 0 shocking Renji, Rukia and Sado. In Bleach, it doesn't pay to underestimate your enemy.

This is the second time it happened. Most thought the leader of Akatsuki was Pain but it turned out to be Tobi. I like Tobi ever since I encountered him. But I never expected him to lead a notorious group.

What a twist! It seems Japanese writers / cartoonists want to surprise their readers most of the time and -- adhere to this "Never judge a book by its cover!" So, never judge an anime bad guy by its looks. Additionally, never judge a book while its covered.

Yammy is the strongest when in released form.


Code Geass is now being streamed on Crunchyroll - months ago it was only available on Youtube. Bandai Entertainment (copyright owner) has changed its position on Crunchyroll as the website is now legit. I hope the site shows Dragonball anime too.

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