Monday, April 13, 2009

Dragonball Evolution Reviews & Testimonials

Here are some Dragonball Evolution reviews from fans like you and me. I prefer fans' reviews than critics since most of the time the latter don't even know what they are saying. Fans' reviews are brutally honest and not sugar coated so as to make headlines. Most of the time, fans are right as in case of Dragonball. The "leaked" trailers gave many Dragonball fans the premonition that the movie won't reach their very high expectations. One critic from ANN dismissed their views but it turns out THEY WERE CORRECT!

"You may want to walk out on this movie" LOL

He spent 9 bucks to see the movie. "The movie s--ks. The acting is terrible."

SonRyu Youtube
And thats why this movie made money, because people actually bought tickets. Thank GOD I didn't pay to see this b--------. Bootleg-bootleg the hell outta it. Good job, thanks to 'fans' like you, they're making 2 sequels.

Cute Girl Reviews Dragonball Evolution

Not all reviews are bad of course just check out the comments section of Dragonball Flops post. I'm not discouraging people to watch the movie I'm telling them to. If you have time and money (its recession) to spare go watch the movie just don't forget to upload your impression on - good or bad.


Warning: Strong Language

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Gregory said...

I verify that this movie is a travesty, O hate what they did to the Dragonball series, fuck this movie! ~Angry Reviewer, gregarganda