Thursday, April 30, 2009

Japeth Aguilar Invited To NBDL

According to, Jim Kelly (Raptors' Director of Player Personnel) invited Smart Gilas' new recruit Japeth Aguilar to the National Basketball Association Development League (NBDL) pre-draft camp on June 19 -21, 2009. This after Kelly watched Aguilar play in Las Vegas this week esp. when he led the country to victory against Las Vegas Aczes. This is great news of course! Being invited alone is already tough that means Jim Kelly sees Japeth Aguilar's potential. I have no illusions --- getting into the NBA is HARD. I've seen other talented players not getting into the league for one reason or another but if Japeth Aguilar works hard, thinks positive, and prays hard we might make it. But right now he has to attend the camp first and strut his stuff. Remember it was Japeth's dream to play in the NBA that motivated him to fly 8,000 miles and play college ball in the US.

Chris Lutz, Sean Anthony and Japeth Aguilar were chosen in the Las Vegas camp organized by SBP. When will they play for the country? Until all papers and their commitments in college are over and in order.

I saw a video of Smart Gilas match against IMPACT and I saw Japeth leading the attack. As usual, Barroca is fast. This team has great potential.

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