Friday, April 10, 2009

Dragonball Evolution Flops And Bombs At The Box Office; Hopefully Goes Away

Despite Fox's alleged plan not to have the movie screened by film critics, Dragonball Evolution BOMBED AND FLOPPED in North America. YAHOO!!! Despite being shown in 2,181 theaters, the pathetic movie earned $ 2,075,000 according to Serves you right Fox for totally destroying our beloved anime! Los Angeles Times reports some Dragonball fans were so angry at Fox they began downloading the pirated version of Wolverine just to punish the company. Too bad IMDB deleted the posts. (Obviously, reviews from Asian countries where the movie was first shown reached North America.) Dragonball Evolution made one of the most spectacular box office bombs in years.

But I'm glad Dragonball Evolution will soon be forgotten and the movie will be placed where it ultimately belongs ---- in the trash can. Who wants to watch 84 minutes of pain anyway? I suppose those who watch the movie may demand their money back!

Thankfully, the Dragonball Evolution experience has one Japanese animation company wary of live-action remakes. Sunrise has introduced checks to ensure quality of the upcoming Cowboy Bebop Live Action movie.

Major Complaint About Dragonball Evolution:
Bad Story -- Hollywood Goku is a wimpy American high school student. I wonder who gave them the idea, Spiderman? This type of storyline is getting OLD already. The rabid Westernization caused many fans to be alienated. No understanding of what the Dragonball story is all about which explains why Klilin isn't there and Piccolo is again the enemy. But turning the tough Goku into the typical high school character stereotype really pissed many fans off. Dragonball Evolution is so bad I will not blame anime fans if they are resistant to any more live action remakes. The experience is horrifying and I'm glad it BOMBED. Ka-BOOOM!!!

I don't care how spectacular the Special Effects are (it is) but what they did with the great story. Special Effects won't blind me from seeing what the movie really is --- a huge farce.

However the Good News is the Dragonball Evolution flop means there'll be no more sequel to this movie. As you remember the sequel is already written (according to MTV). It is the fans' way of saying "NO THANK YOU!!!" That's a relief!

Rottentomatoes consensus: Executed with little panache or invention, Dragonball Evolution lacks the magic that made the books upon which it was based a cult sensation

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sonofaditch said...

OTAKU POWEEEEEEEER! HAHAHAHA! check out the review at mas malala it's good that the Japanese studios are coming to their senses. The lesson of this debacle is: The source material, and the fans, of the anime franchises should be respected. Dammit, Hollywood! Keep your greedy hands away from our anime!

Jacob Williams said...

I'm sorry, but I thought this movie was pretty damn good. At least just think about it - how accurate can you really get when depicting an anime using real people? I thought that the movie was great considering what they had to work with (and before anyone says anything, I grew up on Dragonball and Dragonball Z - I think I've earned a right to put in my opinion, here). I don't think Goku should be a hardass, John Cena like character - at least not yet. Remember that we're in Dragonball, back when these people are supposed to be young kids fighting these villains, and still growing in their power and skill. I thought the depictions of the characters were pretty good (except Master Roshi is younger than he ought to be... and the dragon is short - wasn't he supposed to be the "eternal" dragon? Okay, THAT should have been the coolest part in the movie, but it did dissapoint a little). At least Bulma is a hottie. And Chi-Chi is too :)

But hey - I say let them give it another go. Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions - If you haven't seen the movie yet, go give it a try! I'm sorry that the film flopped so badly simply because I would like to see where the movie-makers would have gone with the sequel. Let's at least let them bring in the Saiyans with Vegeta and Napa. THAT WOULD KICK ASS!!!

Oresama said...

My impression of Goku is always a tough dude even as a young kid. The fact is one has to be tough to survive in a literal jungle. As a child he defeated an entire army. Wimp, soft are not found in the real Goku or at least the one envisioned by Akira Toriyama. No one has the right to change that even if they paid millions to do so.

Oresama said...

What I meant to say is traits like soft and wimpy are not found in Goku's character.

Views expressed politely are welcome.

sonofaditch said...

@ Jacob Williams: I'm of the opinion that an attempt to make DB into a feature film which tries to put the characters into the so-called "real life" should never have been made. What we got was an empty, shallow version of the rich, imaginative world that has caught the interest of a generation. (Yeah, I'm part of that generation too) I admit that many of the plots of DB border on the fantastical, but that was what got us hooked in the first place. For the movie version to throw many of the elements to the side and impose an artificial Western paradigm on an anime essentially rooted on Japanese and Asian culture is just plain wrong. You may be happy to see your favorite anime "come alive", but for me what I saw was a faint shadow of DB. I'd rather stick to the anime, thank you.

khemphirin said...

for the ppl who said they thought the movie was good, i want to ask, how was it good? not as an adaption but as a film itself. wat makes a good movie? great character developement, heres the best character developement they had in this crap film -hi yamcha- -hi bulma- -wanna make out?- -sure-, does that sound good to u? great story, not one full of plotholes like how did piccolo escape? uh we dont know they said, it just happens. lol this movie was a joke in every way, shoulda releashed it worldwide on april 1 so we can all have a good laugh

sonofaditch said...

@ khemphirin: Amen to that. hahaha

MadHatter said...

Sorry but this movie was SHIT, the advertisement for this movie should of read "bend over this is gonna to hurt" they took a big dump on our childhood. ('3')

Jimi Taylor said...

Bro number 1 the character development. Was horrible the dialogue was some of the worst ever granted they didnt have a big budget for this film but honostly there r fan made trailers on youtube that r alot better than this crap the script could have been better written casting could have been better everything should have been alot better and if u watch the original series yoyd know that goku was a pacifistand only us fighting as a last option just sayn