Monday, June 29, 2009

Brazil vs USA 3 - 2 Result / Brazil Restores Order

In the first 45 minutes, Brazil looked like emulating Spain down 0 - 2 against the Americans. But unlike the Spaniards, Brazilians are made of sterner stuff, retaliated and scored three straight goals to send USA to heartbreak land.

Even with the tournament win, Brazil's defense look weak. They basically allowed Dempsey to attack and the guy took advantage of the situation and scored...shocking the Selecao. It seemed the South Americans never learned and Landon Donovan slipped another goal. USA basically took a page from Brazil - launching into a quick counterattack that tore the Brazilian defense.

After halftime, Brazil went on attack mode (like most in the match) and this time made it count. The relentless pressure paid off in the 46th minute Fabiano scored - he trapped the ball, turned and shoot despite the pesky defender hounding him---- Howard had no chance with that screamer. Empowered, the Selecao continued the barrage leveling the match on the 74th minute. Lucio finally snatched the win for the Brazilians on the 84th with a powerful header. Such a great comeback and deserved victory for Brazil! Great game too displayed by the Americans. The 2009 Confederations Cup was a great tournament- plenty of action, surprises and most importantly goals.

Brazil dominated possession 59 -41 percent according to Fox Sports. Basically, the game was played mostly in the USA side of the field.

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