Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cotto vs Clottey Result / Update

Cotto vs Clottey Result: Cotto won, of course, he's fighting in his virtual hometown. Kidding aside, I agree Cotto did win...Clottey just relaxed in some rounds where he should have been aggressive. He forgot he was in enemy's territory. Yes, Cotto won but I think the fight is closer than some judges scored it: Don Trella 116 -111 (!), John Mckaie 115 -112 for Cotto and Tom Miller 114 - 113.

Update: There was no domination! There was a fair number of rounds which could've gone either way. How can you score 116 - 111. My scoreline is 115 - 112 Cotto. I gave the eleventh round for Cotto while HBO gifted it to Clottey - that's how tough the fight was to score. Cotto vs Clottey result is definitely much closer than what the judges think. Cotto won via three points...five points is to suggest Clottey barely fought and got outclassed which didn't happen. Tsk.

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