Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lesnar vs Mir 2 UFC 100 / Preview / Fight Analysis / Prediction/ Live Streaming

Lesnar vs Mir 2 Preview / Fight Analysis / Prediction --- The fight that will headline UFC 100 is Lesnar vs Mir...WOW! Frank Mir, the Ultimate Fighting Championship interim Heavyweight champ, will get the chance to regain the real Heavyweight crown he once had when he faces the reigning king Brock Lesnar on July 11th, 2009 at the Mandalay Bay Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Brock Lesnar has a simple way of winning - take down the opponent and brutally pound them on the ground. It is mostly successful but it didn't work on a Jiujitsu expert like Frank Mir who simply turned the tables around and submitted Lesnar via knee bar in their first fight (first ever UFC fight for the latter too). Relying on his size and wrestling alone isn't enough for Brock to beat Mir. He has won his two other fights since then. On the other hand, Frank Mir is on a rampage and has three straight wins (including Brock) and a massive victory over Mixed Martial Arts legend Antonio Noguiera.

There's still a possibility Lesnar will resort to takedown and ground and pound again but he should be wary of Mir's submission. For Mir, he should survive the initial Lesnar attack. Once he does, he should continually look for openings and submit the former NCAA Wrestling heavyweight champ again. Yes, Lesnar is a skilled wrestler and has punching power too as Randy Couture knows by now but no one can say for certain whether Lesnar's submission defense has really improved and this is where Mir can take advantage.

I wrote it down as if it is that simple, no it isn't. It will be a hard fight for the two warriors and as a MMA fan I know that. I hope the two give us a great fight and nobody gets seriously hurt or injured.

Lesnar vs Mir 2

Frank Mir's Strengths --- Experience, Jiujitsu, Tenacity
Brock Lesnar's Strengths - Size, Punching Power, Wrestling Skills

Lesnar vs Mir 2 Betting Odds as of June 4, 2009

Frank Mir (within the range of) + 185 (you bet $ 100 you win $ 185)
Brock Lesnar -(within the range of ) -225 (you have to bet $ 225 to win $ 100)

Lesnar is the heavy favorite

Odds: If its Stand Up = Lesnar
If its on the ground, Mir assuming Lesnar submission defense is still weak.

Lesnar vs Mir Watch / Live Streaming

It will be on Balls TV on July 12.

For United Kingdom / UK: Lesnar vs Mir Free Live Streaming and other info

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