Saturday, June 20, 2009

Orthros no Inu / Hideaki Takizawa & Ryo Nishikido New Drama

Orthros no Inu is the two-headed dog in Greek mythology but is also the name of a new Japanese dorama starring Hideaki Takizawa and Ryo Nishikido. It is very interesting:

Hideaki Takizawa = bad guy (simply put of course, we will know exactly when the drama airs) but has the ability to heal through contact. "

"Mysterious, ambitious man with a wicked heart" is his character according to Tokyograph

Ryo Nishikido = good guy with the ability to kill, again through contact. He is a teacher "with a gentle heart".

Orthros no Inu will air on Friday nights on TBS every 10:00 pm beginning next month (July).

When it comes to ambitious characters with criminal tendencies, nobody can portray it better than Takizawa or Tackey for short.

When it comes to brooding, hotheaded characters nobody can portray it better than Ryo Nishikido but his role in Orthros no Inu is of a person with "gentle heart". So we'll see how he tackles this.

Can you imagine having an ability that doesn't suit your disposition? How will you handle it? Will that ability change you? Expect a whole lot of emo (just kidding) from Ryo next month.

Yep Buzzer Beat and Orthros no Inu are the Japanese doramas I'm looking forward to next month.

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