Thursday, June 25, 2009

Manny Pacquiao Is Overrated Part 2 So Says Noobs

Funny, while most boxing legends like Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield and Sugar Ray Leonard are heaping praises to the Pound for Pound King boxing noobs still say Manny Pacquiao is overrated. There is a vast chasm between those who know the tough sport of boxing thru ring experience and those who know nothing about the sport but owns websites. It seems Pacfans know their boxing after all LOL.

Buster Douglas Giving Manny Pacquiao A Shout Out

Accolades just come for the guy:
Greatest Southpaw
Greatest Boxer under 147 lbs
Greatest Asian Boxer

These accolades only arouse jealous from certain types of people. No Mexican boxing hack (I refer to the bias ones) or British one (those whose eyes are closed) can ever diminish the accomplishments of our champ. At the end of the day, nobody remembers critics LOL. If anything, they only embarrass themselves for showing their ignorance. The damage Pacquiao done to the psyche of some Mexican writers ARE unbearable that they still hold a grudge against him. There are decent Mexican boxing writers but they far outnumbered by incompetent ones. Haha...I wonder how they felt when some people name him the greatest.

On the other hand, he doesn't even need their praises anyway after earning $ 40 million last year and getting his second BWAA Fighter of the Year award. I think Manny is just happy impressing the fight fans -- and they deliver giving him 850,000 PPV buys in his last fight!

Yeah, most criticisms against Pacquiao are RACIALLY MOTIVATED. The best fighter in the world is ASIAN, live with it.

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