Friday, June 19, 2009

Winter Sonata Anime / Tear Fest Anime Style / 2009 Summer Anime Preview it materialized! Winter Sonata Anime...the story is based on the hit Korean drama of the same name. It is about a good girl and bad boy falling in love in high school. Yes, it is in mingling with the girl that the boy's character slowly changed. The boy got into an accident and disappeared. Years later, the girl and boy meet - although the boy has no idea who she is. Welcome to the roller coaster ride of emotions that is Winter Sonata!

Winter sonata drama is very convoluted...with some highly predictable twist I wonder if they'll do the same in the anime. Why was it made into an anime? The drama was a hit in Japan back in 2002 registering 20% ratings consistently and earning billions of yen to NHK. It defeated Japanese doramas who linger on weird stories and very Westernized plots that alienated the Japanese viewers. Well, to earn money and to reach out to much younger fans are the reasons for this anime -- I think. Yes, Winter Sonata was popular in Japan - to elderly folks and bored housewives. The drama was aired 11:55 pm on Saturdays according to my research. So why not target the younger audience too? This is assuming the anime will be aired on kid friendly times. If not, my hypothesis miss its mark.

Winter Sonata started the craze on everything Korean in Asia or what is called now as "Korean wave". Winter Sonata set the standard for Korean dramas and sad to say most of the dramas that came after it can't measure up. The story is cliche but the presentation of the drama is outstanding. The producers put a lot of effort into it and it showed in the drama.

Winter Sonata anime is definitely about romance, and one thing about romantic animes is the general mood of sadness which I don't really like - that's just me. I'm guy and get uncomfortable with mushiness. EEEEEEE!

I'll watch the first episode - out of curiosity. I have a feeling this will be a short one. I'll review the first episode too I hope you look forward to it. I'm hoping the anime measures up to the drama.

Here's the actor of the series Michael Jackson... I mean Bae Yoon Joon promoting the anime.

Winter Sonata Anime Trailer

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