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Mayol vs Calderon Power vs Skill / Pre-fight Analysis & Prediction

If Mayol vs Calderon is the main event I would call it power vs skill. With a 25 - 3 19 KOs record, Rodel Mayol (of Pilipinas) statistics speak for itself while Ivan Calderon of Puerto Rico's 32 - 0 6 KOs is a testament that technical proficiency or skills can make up for lack of power esp. if a boxer fights smartly.

Rodel Mayol's career was on a downward spiral before Manny Pacquiao got hold of it. Now, Mayol has a chance to revive his boxing career with a victory over Ivan Calderon. Easier said than done, since Calderon just happens to be the most technically sound boxer in the planet at the moment (accdng to Espn) and is undefeated in four title defenses. Calderon is fast and sleek, knows how to pick shots, when to run and box. In short, he has this great ability to control the tempo of the match (fighting style resembles Floyd Mayweather). Formidable but not unbeatable. Calderon was knocked down twice in his carreer so he's susceptible to power shots once in a while. Now back to Rodel, Mayol usually starts fast - against Eagle Kyowa and former champ Ulises Solis. He troubled those world-class fighters in the early rounds, then like magic Mayol fizzles out in the end. His lack of stamina is his undoing (like most Filipino boxers). Now, Freddie Roach is supervising his training and hopefully polish him into a great boxer Mayol was touted to be. Hopefully, the hall of fame trainer can amplify the power that Mayol has - and refine his ability to finish off an opponent. He rocked Kyowa and decked Solis but can't put them away.

Rodel Mayol has four inch height advantage over Ivan Calderon but the Puerto Rican is used to fighting boxers taller than him. Mayol (27) is seven years younger than Calderon who at 34 told reporters last week he took a much longer break than he would've liked (heal his injuries he incurred in the Cazares fight).

Ivan Calderon told Boxingscene last month he would attack early,"I can not fight with fear of opening a wound but, if anything, I'm going to go out and win the early rounds to take the advantage on the cards if something happens." This is good news for Mayol who starts explosively.

If Mayol wins, he will be listed in the world's top ten pound for pound list esp. with an impressive win plus get the much coveted lineal championship Calderon currently possesses. If Calderon wins, he said he would like to fight Brian Viloria (IBF light flyweight champ) and avenge his two defeats to the Filipino way back as an amateur.

Mayol vs Calderon is the second Pilipinas vs Puerto Rico match with PR leading 1 - 0 after Juan Ma's victory over the aging Gerry Penalosa.

Most "experts" pick: Ivan Calderon

Possible Scenarios:
Mayol will hurt Calderon in the earlier rounds but the later will recover and win on points.
Calderon will meet Mayol head on in the early rounds and suffer a stunning KO defeat.
Calderon turns out to be a much tougher foe than expected and will school Mayol in the entire 12 rounds.

Mayol unexpectedly is a much different fighter more patient and prepared surprising Calderon. One head shot at the sixth ends the match for the Puerto Rican.

Mayol vs Calderon June 13...

Rodel Mayol joined Manny Pacquiao's "biggest loser" challenge. He lost 18 lbs from 130 to 112 as of April 27, 2009 according to Abac Cordero of the Philippine Star. Mayol fights in the 108 division but BALLOONED TO 130 lbs!!!

Just so anyone gets an idea on how tough Calderon is ---- Roach picked him as one of ODLH's sparring partners for the Mayweather fight. "Calderon slapped Oscar around like it was unbelievable." said Roach as quoted by Boxingscene.


So where can you watch Mayol vs Calderon live or its free streaming? Don't fret. It is available through CS 9. Solar Sports will cover the Cotto vs Clottey match live on Sunday
at 10:00 am. Check local listings as schedules are bound to change without prior notice.

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