Wednesday, June 24, 2009

UFC Watch St.Pierre vs Alves Prediction / Analysis / Update / Result

This is UFC Watch St. Pierre vs Alves Prediction / Analysis / Picks / Result - St. Pierre vs Alves is the co-main event of UFC 100 - as I've said before WOW!!! So who will win St. Pierre vs Alves? Calm down. Let us first examine our fighters.

Georges St. Pierre is one of the most complete fighters in the UFC today. He can kick, wrestle, box and has jiujitsu skills too in his arsenal. In short, he is truly a Mixed Martial Artist and will use whatever weapons he has depending on his opponent. In addition, St.Pierre works hard in the gym which pays off whenever he fights.

Thiago Alves is a Muay Thai expert with powerful knee with EMPHASIS ON HIS KNEE. Many have tasted how devastatingly strong his knee is....the victim's list is long. Don't forget his striking is also deadly, quick and precise. Besides, he has a tough take down defense which put Josh Koscheck at bay. Alves' bad side are he once tested positive for a banned substance according to MMAweekly (diuretic) and was three pounds overweight against Matt Hughes back in UFC 85 (he made weight on his last fight against Koscheck though).

So what does this description mean? It means we will see a GREAT FIGHT!

Most experts' predictions and picks tend to sway on St. Pierre. However, I think Alves has a strong chance of scoring an upset esp. if he uses the his explosiveness which might even take St. Pierre by surprise. In his last fight against Josh Koscheck, Thiago Alves looked like a faster version of GSP. But St. Pierre always finds a way to beat his opponent. We'll see what will happen this July 11th.

St Pierre vs Alves Prediction

Betting Odds
St Pierre -270
Alves +190


It means if you bet 100 dollars on Alves and he wins you'll get 190 dollars in return.

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