Saturday, June 27, 2009

Footy Watch: Brazil vs USA Confederations Cup Finals / Prediction / Result

Brazil vs USA in Confederations Cup Finals (Predictions / Result) --- Yes, you read it right. Who would have thought? I don't think even the staunchest USA supporter could have dreamed of it earlier in the competition. Judging from the forums, I think their only dream was to have coach Bradley replaced but its all changed now. Two massive wins seem to mask the the problems of the team. Same with Dunga (Brazil's coach), few months back Brazil struggled and his side was criticized severely and talks of firing him were all over. Then something changed, Brazil kept on winning again. They won their last three South American Qualifying matches, a spectacular victory over Portugal in a friendly and is undefeated in the Confederations Cup (15-game unbeaten run in all tournaments plus friendlies) Brazilian fans are in a good mood and would like to win another tournament before the World Cup. Although no team has won the World Cup after topping the Confederations Cup - there's always the first time.

Brazil vs USA will be on Sunday and it has making of another great match. The five-time World Champions better get their A-game ready for a determined USA squad will give it their all. This is a much different USA from the one earlier in the competition. Same with the US, they shouldn't forget what Brazil is in football or they'll be destroyed. What I'm saying is respecting opponents prevent unnecessarily humiliation in the football pitch.

Maicon, Kaka, and Robinho will be a constant threat to the United States all game long. The Brazilians are also dangerous in set pieces so the US better not give them any and resist reckless tackles (BS conspiracy theory FIFA is not NBA). The Selecao counter-attacking is devastating any more of those wayward passes and ball control failures will be punished much like the first time they met. But Brazil has this defensive frailty - Santos is the weak link in the left. As Egypt showed, sustained attack makes Brazil vulnerable. Brazilians should frustrate Onyewu and Dempsey - as they are the key to US attack. Mark them like what they did Argentinian playmaker Riquelme in the 2007 Copa America.

The Americans will again rely on their mental strength - that strong sense of belief which makes them win despite their backs against the wall and hard work in defense. USA will focus on defense against Brazil but this team isn't afraid to counter. US should clog the midfield like the South Africans for it gave Brazil fits. The lack of space proved to be an uncomfortable experience for some of them (rendered Maicon useless). I'm sure the Brazilians are wary of USA after the latter's victory over Spain. The element of surprise is gone I'm wondering how the United States will adjust to a squad well-prepared for them.

Brazil vs USA Prediction / Result

Experts predict Brazil will win 3 -1 over USA (not me)

I looked at the past winners of the Confederations Cup France and Brazil has won the tournament twice and it has the most wins. Mexico also won the Confederations Cup in 1999. Denmark and Argentina are the other tournament winners.

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