Thursday, June 11, 2009

Buzzer Beat Gakeppuchi No Hero (Dorama) - Yamapi & Keiko Ex-Lovers New Drama

Alleged Ex-lovers Yamashita Tomohisa and Keiko Kitagawa will star in a new drama with working title "Buzzer Beat Gakeppuchi No Hero". It is about a salaryman (Yamapi) who plays for his company's basketball team. He chokes at clutch moments of his life be it romance or work. Keiko Kitagawa plays a cheerful and spirited girl who isn't straightforward.

To act the part properly, Yamapi is undergoing training for two weeks (most likely in basketball).

Other actors include:
Saki Aibu (Yamapi's GF in the series)
Hideaki Ito (simply put the other guy)

Japanese dorama Buzzer Beat will air in July.

Keiko Kitagawa is one of the most beautiful Japanese actress and I first saw her in Tokyo Drift. I don't see her much in Japanese Doramas and I only saw her in Mop Girl and one-time in Sailor Moon. She looks good in Sailor Moon costume.

Buzzer Beat ~Gakkeppuchi No Hero~ - I'm looking forward to this drama. I'm hoping this will be a light drama with many comic scenes. I can't confirm this "ex-lovers" tag but some fans insist that they were a couple. We'll see. Buzzer Beat got my attention as is it about basketball - one of my fave sports - and Keiko. Again, the producers have to ensure that it is still basketball and not some Nickelodeon version like in this drama where the players jump so high they can touch the sky. In short, make it realistic!

More updates will follow...

Buzzer Beat CM

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