Monday, June 15, 2009

Mayweather vs Marquez Postponed / Cancelled / Injury In Ticket Sales

The Mayweather vs Marquez fight is postponed for "Mr. HBO" himself Floyd Mayweather Jr. hurt his mouth from talking too much trash...or his wrists from throwing away those fake 100-dollar bills LOL - just kidding. Sorry, Mr. Money Mayweather injured his ribs while training according to people from Golden Boy Promotions.

Weeks ago someone in, a purported insider, posted this info last June 5, 2009:

Golden Boy Promotion has to make a major decision this coming weeks for profit reasons. The proposed mega ppv fights between pbf vs. marquez is not selling well not only in tickets but also to the regular boxing sponsors tecate, cervesa and budwieser who doesnt like to back up the fight. Even the MGM grand didn't hold even a single ticket for the fight for their retail selling with hotel accomodation, while before the MGM always wanted to buy all the tickets in any major bout. According to Brad, less than 300 tickets has been sold as of this time. And theres no indication that it will surpass to 1,000 tickets this weekend. A very dismal showing for a mega fight or a ppv fight. So GBP is planning to move the schedule to August 8 and instead of PPV it will be shown for free viewing.

GBP is not new to this problem, in two weeks or three GBP will have a major announcement to move the fight because of injury to either marquez or mayweather as the reason to move the fight. They always done this every time they smell something wrong at the box office.


So its an injury caused by poor ticket sales IF we are going to believe the poster..The ticket sales receipt must have knocked Floyd Mayweather Jr. out cold....along with GBP.

But the official statement still stands...meaning the fight is postponed because Floyd Mayweather got injured in training.
They will move it to a latter date. It means we have to wait longer. I want to see this fight. As a boxing fan, I'm intrigued about the match up of two excellent counterpunchers. I mean you could even bet who would throw the first punch too anyway. I just love boxing that's why I'll watch this.

Mayweather vs Marquez Postponed! Will GBP move this from PPV to World Championship Boxing? We'll see.

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