Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cotto vs Clottey Prediction / Result / Pre-fight Analysis

Cotto vs Clottey result / prediction: So who will win this match up of two welterweight champions? Miguel Cotto (Puerto Rico 33 - 1 27 Knockouts) is the WBO king while Joshua Clottey (Ghana 35 - 2 20 KOS) rule the IBF organization. Most experts think Miguel Cotto will win and the betting guys seem to agree as the Puerto Rican is a 3 to 1 favorite in this match. The reason Cotto is the favorite is he fought the best boxers in his division (either as jr. welteweight or welterweight Torres, Quintana, Maussa, Malignaggi, Judah, and Mosley to name a few) and only lost once (to Antonio Margarito a questionable one for some people though). Miguel Cotto is also one of the best body punchers in the boxing business and inflicted some incredible body shot knockouts in his career. But his KO power disappeared against Malignaggi, Mosley and Margarito if anything it should console Clottey.

So is Cotto vs Clottey a tune up match for the Caguas, PR native? Not really, Joshua Clottey is known for his massive defense and strong chin. He won the early rounds in his match against Margarito even connecting with several punching combos. Clottey troubled Margarito and wasn't Ko'd. The Ghanian boxer can mix it up with the best of them.

However Clottey is slow and unlike Cotto hasn't fought top opposition regularly (fouls in up when he has a chance DQ loss to Baldomir, Lost to Margarito due to alleged hurt hand). In addition, Clottey is a bit tentative on offense which is good news for Cotto who is always aggressive. If Clottey wants to win, he should be aggressive and use his size advantage (bully his way, mix head and body shots like Margo did to Miguel months ago). Most importantly, Joshua should throw more punches as this is not Zab Judah he's fighting.
Clottey defense is tough to break down but sometimes leaves his body open (hands way up). Miguel Cotto punishes slow boxers with a variety of punches from the head to the body so the Ghanian should be aware of that.

But this is boxing...all it takes is one punch to change the flow of the fight.

Updates will follow...

Cotto vs Clottey Result: Experts' pick Cotto (majority)
Cotto vs Clottey Result: Bettors pick Cotto 3 -1 favorite

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