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Naruto 460 Sasuke Surrounded / Sasuke vs Raikage / Madara Visits Naruto

Naruto 460 Manga Sasuke Surrounded: This is what I said the last time...

Was Akatsuki setting up Sasuke? Why on earth would the Aloe Vera (LOL Naruto makes me laugh) I mean Zetsu appear right in the middle of the table where the Kages are having their meeting and say Sasuke is somewhere here? Now Danzo will probably get the idea that Sasuke's after him. Worse, the Kages will go after him. so Sasuke was set up and he is mad as hell, but why would the Akatsuki do that? He was so pissed that he revealed himself and met the Samurais head-on. I'm not sure whether he killed them for that would be very unfortunate (most likely he didn't). Sasuke has many enemies already and I'm sure he doesn't want to add the Land of Iron in the list. He is very powerful though Karin noticed his chakra is colder, darker and different than before.

Naruto 460 Manga Sasuke vs Raikage

The angry Raikage sprung into action after hearing Sasuke's near. It will be Sasuke vs Raikage in the next Naruto chapter. Do you like to see the Raikage's butt kicked? LOL. I don't like the Raikage. The leader of Kumo seems to rely on brute strength and speed but I know he has aces up his sleeve. I think Sasuke can handle him. The Raikage will be surprised at Sasuke's ability. The Uchiha kid has already defeated an S-class Ninja, Orochimaru. The Raikage is not a big problem.

Fact: The Samurais know how to use Chakra too.

Naruto 460 Manga Uchiha Madara Visits Naruto

Out of the blue, Uchiha Madara is already in Naruto's room. He wants to know why Nagato betrayed him. But Kakashi and Yamato seem to have captured him. But I think after Madara tells Sasuke's and Uchiha's story he will get out of their trap.

I wonder how Naruto react once he finds out the real reason beside the Uchiha clan massacre and knowing Danzo was part of that. How can Naruto stop this hatred from spiralling out of control?

I think Madara will also tell Naruto about Sasuke's whereabouts at the moment. The ever impulsive Naruto will immediately go to the Land of Iron in the hope that he could stop Sasuke and Raikage from fighting.

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