Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 World Cup of Pool Full Schedule / Philippines

Here is Team Philippines' schedule for the 2009 World Cup of Pool. The country is represented by the inaugural World Cup of Pool Champions Efren Reyes and Francisco "Django" Bustamante ( Team B) and Dennis Orcullo and Ronnie Alcano (Team A). Boy, I do hope we win again. It was ten years ago when Efren Reyes won the World Pool Championship in Wales and it was one of the greatest performances in pool ever. Tsk if things go well Team Philippines A will face Taiwan in the quarterfinals. Team B will meet England in the same phase of the tournament. Hopefully, it will be an all-Philippine finals, as the tournament format makes it possible.

Now Team Philippines A & B Schedule for the 2009 World Pool Championship

Tuesday, September 1
12pm - France v Canada then Korea v China
3pm - Australia v Spain then Indonesia v India
6pm - Malta v USA then Qatar v Philippines B

Wednesday, September 2
12pm - Sweden v Finland then Austria v Italy
3pm - Croatia v Japan then Hong Kong v Germany
6pm - Malaysia v England then Thailand v Philippines A

Thursday, September 3
12pm - Singapore v Taiwan then Belgium v Poland
3pm - Denmark v Russia then Vietnam v Holland

Last 16 (race to eight, winner breaks)
6pm - Malta or USA v Indonesia or India
then Qatar or Philippines v Austria or Italy

Friday, September 4
12pm - Korea or China v Sweden or Finland
then Hong Kong or Germany v France or Canada
3pm - Singapore or Taiwan v Belgium or Poland
then Croatia or Japan v Vietnam or Holland
6pm - Australia or Spain v Malaysia or England
then Denmark or Russia v Thailand or Philippines A

Quarter-finals (race to 9, winner breaks)
Saturday, September 5
2pm - Quarter-final 1, then quarter-final 2
6pm - Quarter-final 3, then quarter-final 4

Semi-finals (race to 9, winner breaks
1pm - Semi-final 1, then semi-final 2

Final (race to 11, winner breaks)


From Sept 1 - 4 the sked is 12 - 3 pm CS9, 3 -9pm S o l a r... I'll update this

Sept. 5 both S o l a r & CS9 2 - 5 pm 6 - 9 pm

Sept. 6 both S o l a r & CS9 1 - 4 pm 6 - 8 pm

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