Tuesday, May 6, 2008


My lonely eyes lit up the first time I saw her in the drama My Boss, My Hero (writing on a quill makes one romantic) – Yui Aragaki - the Japanese superstar. I fell for her character Umemura Hikari for she suited my type of woman – sweet, smart but tough. Was it love at first sight? Not exactly more like infatuation on the first eight episodes. Why was it that the more I watch her, the cuter she gets? (rhetorical question please don’t answer) In the last episode, she became even more beautiful with her long hair and that innocent, flirtatious smile (is there such a thing or is it just an oxymoron?). I know I must share this or I’ll explode (or fart whichever is realistic).

Unfortunately, the kimchi girl with rabbit teeth still won as far as my heart is concerned but I still admire Yui-chan still. It is probably because I haven’t gotten over her character Hikari and when I see her playing other roles I don’t like it.

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