Saturday, May 3, 2008


It seems Hanataka-san’s letter attracted many pure-hearted souls (including some priests) willing to help the nun even though the sister has no problem. Because of this development I became an instrument in the reuniting of two buddies. Here are the letters:

Dear Researcher,


I’m Padre Salvi (name withheld to protect his privacy) and I’m presently a rector in a church somewhere in Nagasaki, Japan. I can’t help but notice the plight of the poor nun named Sister Angela and the teenage Japanese boxer. I am willing to help her for she belongs to my flock. If it isn’t too much I would like to know which convent and what town is she staying in Japan. I would be helpful in assisting the nun find her true calling since I have EXPERIENCE in handling cloister affairs – being head of several ones during my stay in Filipinas. I’m Español by the way but I consider myself Filipino (Peninsulares if you don’t mind).

My personal info and other relevant data that you might need are in the attachment (including my Friendster account – add me up @ Por favor, inform me ASAP as I do not want to move to Afr….er… as there are still many Japanese souls need saving.

Muchas Gracias Mi Amigo,

Padre ------ Salvi


Sister Angela is still in her 20s right?

Dear Padre ------ Salvi,

Hola Padre con Margarita con carne! Dios Mio (I wonder how many conjugations are left in my vocabulary)! Peninsulares? Saludos a Todos Hudas, Barabas, Hestas!

Joyful, joyful day! Alleluia! Hanataka-san is God-send! Thanks to him I received a letter from you. You are Padre ------ Salvi, no kidding? Una vez Padre, let me explain my joyous mood. Earlier, I got an e-mail from a certain Padre ------ Damaso who is also interested in helping the nun and he said just in case you’d email me I must inform him. I asked him why is he so sure? He said nothing brings you out of the wood work than a DISTRESSED sister. Padre Damaso apparently has been looking for you for years – something about his daughter that he wants to talk to you. He is waiting for you DOWN UNDER (not Australia).

As per instruction (“Feel free to provide my email add and address in Japan to other D-------- brothers.”), I gave it to Padre Damaso, himself a D--------. He also gave me his unequivocal instruction to provide you his e-mail address which is or his multiply account Have a happy reunion.

Hasta la vista! Victoria siempre…



Please let Padre Damaso’s mail cool a bit first for I almost got burned when I first handled it. One gallon of water is enough to cool it off.

Disclaimer: This work is fiction. It doesn't pertain to real persons or events if it does it are purely coincidence and call the police.

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sonofaditch said...

la gente tienen muchos problemas sobre el amor. que horror! yo pienso tienes mucho trabajo escribiendo muchas cartas para hermana angela y todos curas y jugador de boxing hehe pero pienso los curas muy malos. de verdad?

perdoneme. mi español es muy roto...

sonofaditch said...

translation (due to popular demand, hehe):

people indeed have a lot of problems about love. How horrible! I think you have a lot work [ahead of you] writing many letters for sister angela and all the priests and the boxer. But I think that the priests are bad [have bad intentions]. True?

Pardon my [very] broken spanish...