Monday, May 26, 2008



RGMA’s Big Time Balita mellowed at lot but the stereotyping still exists every Saturday when the character Bai is present. Very smart, RGMA VERY SMART!

It has been several days since I successfully kept my schedule. Of course, minor adjustments are still needed to be done as I have a tendency to overrun one activity in favor of another. I don’t want that to happen again save for important activities that need extra time.

I still haven’t found any suitable guitar version of Beethoven’s Pathétique. My busy schedule prevents me from scouting other video sites thoroughly.

I decided not to publish any journal tributes to my mother as it is too personal. The most important thing is she knows that I love her.

Well, that’s it holders I have kept you updated with the happenings in our beloved blog. Stick around I have more interesting topics. To be published soon “Elections is the only permitted legal war”. What?

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