Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ahhh...You know I’m always interested in listening to classical pieces outside their native instruments. For example, what it’s like hearing Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 or Beethoven’s Pathétique on guitar? However for purists, it is sacrilegious to do so but for me it isn’t, after all, it is still music. The treatment will be different of course but I like trying new things. Luckily, Youtube has provided me with one – Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 on guitar interpreted by Japanese power player Kazuhito Yamashita. (Unlike the piano, playing Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 on guitar is totally mice-free hehe.)

Liszt and Yamashita have something in common, here’s the observation:

Just as Franz Liszt created new repertoire and technique for the piano by transcribing Symphonies and Operas and then developing new techniques with which to play them, Kazuhito Yamashita took a similar path in the early 1980's and so revolutionised the world of possibilities on the guitar.

By transcribing well known pieces of orchestral music for solo guitar he has encouraged a trend which could make classical guitar much more appealing and accessible to concert programmers and the general concert going audience. Source

Please take time and listen to this genius at work – exhibited by his performance of Liszt’s rhapsody. Boy, it sounds fantastic and the guitar – I feel like it is going to sing in the manner Yamashita played it. Although, it is a totally different experience but it is a fine one indeed. Next piece, Beethoven’s Pathétique played on guitar I can’t wait to share it with you. Hopefully, I could find one.

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