Friday, May 2, 2008


I have a huge problem but I don't know where to turn to. So, I took the risk and wrote to you since I'm a fan (ehem) of your blog. I'm a 19 year-old professional boxer and part-time waiter. I love to eat - people say I'm a glutton. The chairman of our boxing club thinks I'm a glutton. Does that mean I'm a glutton? I lost a string of matches guessed it food. In one match, I was about to throw the knock-out blow when the sight of delicious, mouthwatering and newly-cooked Takoyaki distracted me. I want to savor it until I felt a punch to my head and I fell on the canvass instead!

Despite that, my handlers had enough faith in me. They booked me against the Japanese no. 6 fighter in our weight division. So with their help the training went well. I trained so hard that I lost consciousness somewhere in the woods but a nun - Sister Angela - nursed me to health. She is a kind nun and she takes care of orphans in the convent.

Since then I can't get her off my mind. Is it okay to go out with a nun? Am I in love with Sister Angela? Besides that, how can I let go of my food addiction? What is going on?


Hatanaka Kosaku

Dear Hatanaka-san,

I have readers in Japan? Of course I do (he he he ehem)! Next time, please write to Abby but since you took time to write and you said you are my beloved blog’s fan I WILL BECOME THE LOVE RESEARCHER just for you! No problem you MAY go out with the Sister. Yes, it is okay to go out with her - you may go out with her shopping in the market and you may go out with her helping those poor kids in the orphanage. Anything more than that, I don't recommend but why not? (he he). To help you with your food addiction - STAY AWAY FROM IT - it might be better to quit your part-time job just to avoid the temptation. Just concentrate and do your best in boxing!



Please send me a photo of Sister Angela for I want to know how mean how she looks like.

Too see how their story goes watch the One Pound Gospel. This is my 100th post yahoo!

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sonofaditch said...

bwahahahahaha! glad that you're finally showing your humorous side here..."love researcher"? Ayos!