Thursday, May 1, 2008


One of the most beautiful Asian actress I have ever seen is Song Hye Kyo. I first saw her in the drama Autumn in My Heart - and have been her admirer since. She's the reason I got the strength to endure her male partner in the series Full House (just kidding - don't get angry). She's worth watching though I developed an infatuation towards another young and still beautiful Korean actress I can't forget SHK. People would always say she has a natural beauty but now some pictures came out to dispute the claim.

In Korea it is not uncommon for an actress to have plastic surgery or other medical procedure to magnify their natural beauty. But SHK is not one of those cited. Now these pictures are dividing her fans on what to think about the issue. In this picture, her nose seems to be large and others suggested that she had a nose job. Others think the pictures were stretched so her nose got bigger. What ever it is - I really can't tell nor will I do so if I have formed an opinion! But there's one thing I know Song Hye Kyo still looks pretty to me even if her nose SEEM a bit bigger in her before photo.

The alleged BEFORE photo:
Song Hye Kyo
My new favorite Korean actress is cited with having rabbit teeth (two large front teeth) but it doesn't matter to me - for when that actress smile - she's an angel on earth!

Update: 10-5-08
Not all Korean actresses are plastic beauties of course. Meet Korea's Unadulterated Beauties.

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Lily said...

I have always been a fan of Song Hye Gyo. And as much as I want to believe she's all natural, I do believe she has had a subtle refinement done on her nose. It's good surgery because it looks so natural. I don't care whether she did surgery or did not have surgery. She's still beautiful. Even the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood have done surgery. Look at Charlize Theron and Catherine Zeta-Jones. They were already goodlooking to begin with. As shallow as it sounds, being beautiful makes you stand out and has many advantages.