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Please read the following account of the Negros Revolution. The article quotes from a work of Modesto Sa-Onoy a local historian:

November 5

The revolt began in Central and Northern Negros in the morning and by the afternoon had spread to other towns such as San Miguel and Cadiz. In Silay, Lt. Maximiano Correa, commanding the Spanish garrison, had ten Spanish cazadores (Spanish, literally, "hunters") and seven Filipino civil guards. They were entrenched inside the municipal building, but surrendered without a fight when they realized that the townspeople were determined to burn the building to the ground should there be resistance. The Silay parish priest, Fr. Eulogio Saez, a businessman named Juan Viaplana and Jose Ledesma persuaded the Spanish forces to lay down their arms, but in order to save face, the lieutenant had it appear in the official records that the capitulation was the result of a bloody battle with "dead and wounded littered all over the field of battle". Ten Mauser and seven Remington rifles were surrendered by the Spanish garrison. Later, a Filipino flag embroidered by Olympia Severino and her sisters was hoisted by the victorious townspeople.

Haha...The lieutenant has a career writing telenovelas for Univision! This was probably their practice and I don't regret my decision doubting Pigafetta's Battle of Mactan account. This Spanish Lieutenant made things up knowing there were Filipino witnesses present how much more Pigafetta whose accounts no one could corroborate? I can't blame Correa - the Negrense people OWNED him!

I wonder what he wrote in that account maybe it goes something like this:
We were surrounded by fully armed indio soldiers (reality - angry townspeople probably carrying sticks and stones literally and some rebels) probably a thousand against us brave 17 men in Silay Church. After hours of brutal skirmish none of our brave Guardia Civil were killed but the indios suffered more with dead and wounded littered all over the field of battle. Viva Espana, we lost but our dignity is intact.
Much like Battle of Mactan 1000 Mactan warriors vs. 49 Spaniards and some reinforcements by Humabon. According to Wikipedia only three of the Spaniards were killed.

In reality this might be what happened:

“The hijos de perros are surrounding us Teniente what shall we do?” asks Guardia Civil one.

“We are going to fig---, “replied Lt. Correa

But Teniente.” Interjected the Padre

“No padre. A man has got to do what is asked of him. Vi----va Es…there…are so many of them. We surrender Padre. Tell them not to burn the church. Keep those torches away…”

Excuse me I got carried away. This historical fact amused me.
Not everyone is happy with Cinco De Noviembre - who and why - you will know hopefully tomorrow.

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