Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Today we’ll look at some fun-loving dumb people who took some disturbing images and smart enough to put their faces in. Told you there’s a God of Justice.

The people in this video are self-styled fun lovers.

“For fun let us upload this video on Youtube and we could take the credit! Let’s show our faces so we too can be famous ya-ha!”

(To the tune of Beethoven’s Symphony No.5 yeah the one in Standard appliance commercial) Du-du-dumb!

“I’m the man I just took some can out of this guy’s azz. Yeah veyveh!” How does it feel to be well-known? Thank you for providing evidence. For good taste, I will not embed the video. You may thank your lucky stars!

However this guy isn’t so lucky.

But as always it is U.S.A. all the way – No.1. Check this video out. It is about a U.S. Marine throwing a puppy off a cliff. The marine was identified later as David Mortari – he appears prominently on the video and having fun about his act.

“Sir, I’m going to throw some puppy off the cliff, sir!” (When I was in the ROTC, I remember an officer telling a cadet “Gardemit, cadet! Sandweetsh your sentence with ser” Ahhh Military English is a different subject in itself.)

I’m not surprised at his conduct at all. There are people on Youtube defending the guy and some are even saying he’s cool. All I can say he is dumb for taking the video in the first place so he was identified. I don’t know if he was punished and I’ll not be surprised if he wasn’t. Even if it’s false, he’s dumb enough to insinuate something despicable to most Americans. For some, this is more disturbing than killing people and starting a war.

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