Friday, May 16, 2008


One of the simple joys that I have is watching cute girls dancing (wholesome manner of course I respect women). Thanks to the so-called Korean “wave” I got treated to one. Meet the Wonder Girls with their single “Tell Me”. What can I say? They dance gracefully and one of the girls is really cute (the one with glasses on the first scene). Their song is really catchy and their dance moves funky – they created a storm in their country (2007) akin to what Sean Kingston and Soulja Boy tracks did to our country last year. For some, the girls’ dance moves are too sexy but for me I’ve seen sexier and it looks tame to me (what’s with those people?).

Korea girl group, Wonder Girls has been creating a buzz lately in Korea with their pop song, “Tell Me” and seen lots of rave reviews being created about it.
The opening of the dance which sees them swaying their shoulders and then moving their arms in V-shape style was conceptualised respectively by Sun Mi and Ye Eun. The “Tell Me” dance looks simple but when you actually do it, you would find it difficult to coordinate your arms and legs together.
And to prove how big of a hit it is with people, just do a search for “Wonder Girls Tell Me” on Youtube and you can see all sort of people imitating it. High school girls, policemen, military personnel, fellow korean celebrities have all done it. Have you? Source

I’ll just stick to Soulja Boy for I’m a guy, ok? Yooooouuuuuuu! Soulja Boy Tellem…

However, someone said (or told me, pun intended) their song “Tell Me” is a rip off from an old American chart topper “Two of Hearts” by Stacey Q (that someone is older than me of course for I recall few hit songs from the 80s and I hate that decade I don’t know why but I feel so powerless – is it because I’m too young then?) I will post the two and you decide. The news really dampened my enthusiasm. If it weren’t for one of the girls I wouldn’t bother to watch it again. Why didn’t they tell me…tell me…te-te-te-te-te-tell me? Oh well, I still enjoy the video though.

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