Tuesday, May 27, 2008


As if Beethoven’s Symphony No.5 Allegro con brio (known in our country as “Standard” soundtrack) isn’t powerful enough – add an emotional and power packed conductor such as Karajan (I think he is minutes away from head-banging) and the piece becomes even stronger. Just look at Herbert Von Karajan in action - picture of intense concentration and probably internalizing what the piece is all about. Understanding the piece and what the composer was trying to convey to his audience is the key in successful presentation of classical music. WOW just look at the guy! He is unbelievable!!!

I want to add Beethoven’s Symphony No.5 allegro con brio in the playlist for I really developed a liking for the piece – soon hopefully – please take time to listen, okay?

Beethoven Symphony No.5 Allegro con brio is a needle that sticks to your butt to keep you from being depressed. No, really it's an effective anti-stupor remedy.

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