Friday, May 23, 2008


I have this intense motivation to write everyday. Not just in my blog but also in my journal. I feel my day is well-spent once I write. I feel this sense of accomplishment. After all, my purpose is to leave something for posterity ( I love reading my entries anticipating sporting events like the World Cup and Pacquiao’s upcoming matches and the ecstasy I feel when my favorite team wins or when Manny WINS – I enjoy reliving those moments). It is not just writing for writing’s sake but the love of writing. I feel like everyday is a good day to write. Sometimes ideas come out when I’m about to sleep so I have to jot it down so I will remember my message. I can’t let go of an idea simple or not I’ll just have to expand on it the next day. A blue notebook holds most of these ideas – some write ups never get to see the light of time but most do. Some ideas just need more time to polish. Writing everyday is also a form of discipline for me. No matter what happens I just have to find time to write so as to develop time management skills and fight my bad habit of procrastinating.

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