Friday, October 3, 2008

These Chinese Milk Products Will Make You Sick

Brand: Greenfood Yili Fresh Milk and Mengniu Drink (in Chinese characters)

The Department of Health identified these two Chinese milk products as contaminated with the harmful substance melamine.

Here are the products deemed by DOH as melamine-free

* Anchor Lite Milk
* Anlene High Calcium, Low Fat Milk
* Bear Brand Instant
* Chic Choc Milk Chocolate
* Farmland Skim Milk
* Jinwei Drink
* Jolly Cow Pure Fresh Milk
* Kiddie Soya Milk Egg Delight
* Lactogen 1 DHA Infant Formula
* M&M Milk Chocolate Candy
* M&M Peanut Chocolate Candy
* Milk Boy
* Nestagen 2 DHA Follow-up Formula
* Nestagen 3 DHA Follow-up Formula
* Nido 3 Plus Pre-bio with DHA
* Nido Full Cream Milk Powder
* Nido Junior
* No Sugar Chocolate of Isomalt 2 Oligosaccharide (cocoa butter substitute)
* Nutri Express Milk Drink
* Pura Fresh Milk
* Snickers (roasted in caramel nogut in thick milk chocolate)
* Vitasoy Soya Milk Drink
* Wahaha Orange
* Wahaha Yellow
* Want Want Milk Drink
* Windmill Skim Milk Powder
* Yinlu Milk Peanut
* Yogi Yogurt Flavor Milk Drink

Source: today

How on earth am I going to know that I'm drinking Greenfood Yili Fresh Milk and Mengniu Drink since I can't read Chinese characters?

I don't even know how these products look like. To be safe, don't drink anything with Chinese characters. Can you blame me? I can't distinguish Da Jia Hao and Ni Hao in Chinese characters so to be safe I'd rather avoid it. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.
Melamine causes Kidney troubles.

When it comes to food, I buy well-known products only. For example, there are many soy sauce brands proliferating in the market these days but I only chose the ones made in this country (as if I'm doing the marketing). I got hold of a soy sauce product made in China and it looks like oil! I don't want to get near it.

Don't eat in cheap looking bakery as the ingredients might be from contaminated milk products.
The former Miss Alaska runner-up was engaged on a debate today with Biden but thankfully I didn't care. I prefer the Presidential debate. What's the job of the Vice-President anyway? Well, the Vice-President job is to replace the President in case something bad happens. Some people are actually scared of voting for McCain for this reason LOL.

Team Pilipinas

Samahang Basketball ng Pilipinas identified some Team Pilipinas prospective players today. Of course it includes Junmar Fajardo and Gregory Slaughter. No such luck on other Cebuano basketball players though but the list is not yet final anyway.

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