Saturday, October 4, 2008

2008 Asia Song Festival; Rivermaya will Perform

Torpe not Trope

The 2008 Asia Song Festival will START today (as in the highlight performances or main event, so to speak). It is said to be an event where "musicians" around Asia gather to celebrate music but in reality a show to promote Korean artists to people outside of Korea. Usually, Korean fans show disdain towards guest performers from other countries and last year none of the Korean representatives even bothered to show up at the press conference (see popseoul for details) of the festival. Music festival goers around the world know they will be exposed to other people's music and are open-minded about it. After all this is what music festival is about - an exchange of culture. It will go wrong if it's just a thinly-disguised marketing event which is what Korea's Asia Song Festival is. Barbie Almalbis' song Torpe became Trope. Don't believe me check out the youtube video. Watch it. As added bonus Thai singers Golf & Mike became TAI LOL. It is another video though.

I know a barangay festival that could organize a better event than this one.

This total lack of respect to other Asian performers is the reason why their "Korean Wave" is waning. It will not happen if the guest performers were "Americans".

I hope they treat guests much better this time.

October 3, 2008 performing artists:

SHINee, 2AM, U-KISS (Korea), Berryz Kobo (Japan), Yoga Lin (Taiwan), Jocie Guo Mei Mei (Singapore), BX (Mongolia), PECK (Thailand), and Rynn Lim (Malaysia).

October 4, 2008 Performers

SNSD, TVXQ / DBSK, Seung-Hun Shin, SS501 (Korea), W-inds, Anna Tsuchiya (Japan), Anson Hu (China), Fahrenheit (Taiwan), Karen Mok (Hong Kong), ICE (Thailand), Ho Quynh Huong (Vietnam), Rivermaya (Philippines), and Agnes Monica (Indonesia).

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10-8-08 Update

No untoward incident was recorded. Thank goodness. Nice to know Rivermaya has Korean fans and they reportedly showed some love to the band. Good. Thank you very much.

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