Monday, October 27, 2008

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This week I'll try to discuss some Asian Beauties who caught my attention this week - Maki Horikita's movie, Girls Generation, Han Hyo Joo and continuation of Asians in NCAA Basketball series. There are so many of them - I meant Asians in NCAA. In fact, two of them got to meet last year. I'll also share some Asian Guy-White Girl sites for those interested. Yup, see ya tomorrow.

Girls Generation / SNSDGirls Generation

They are the Girls Generation or SNSD. I've never seen so many beautiful girls in one band before -wow!!! I wrote about them before and I'll write more...this is not their best pic I show you one tomorrow - I hope. This is SNSD pre-debut pics and they look hot to say the least. Unfortunately, their slip ups also created a lot of haters.

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