Friday, October 31, 2008

Erik Morales wants Juan Manuel Marquez; Morales vs Marquez reports that Erik Morales wants to fight Juan Manuel Marquez in May - as a lightweight. Morales also rationalized his massive losses to Manny Pacquiao because of his weight problems and intimated Manny did not want to fight him as a Lightweight. Wow, Erik is still bitter with the defeats eh? LOL. However, Top Rank won't promote the Mexican anymore since he revealed he hears "buzzing noises" every time he takes a punch. The promoter won't risk it! Erik has to do it on his own.

Erik Morales vs Juan Manuel Marquez fight should've happened years ago and I wonder why it didn't push through. I'm still trying to figure out who's ducking who. Knowing Morales as a ring warrior, I doubt it was him. Morales - Marquez fight would have been one of the best in boxing history had it happened at the right time when both were at their devastatingly best. Let's face it. Morales is out of shape. I saw him on TV months ago and I could barely recognize him - to think he is only 32. Besides, he lost five straight fights. Now, look at the current Ring Magazine Lwt champ Marquez. He looks fit at 35 and had just disposed of another aged warrior Joel Casamayor (see Marquez vs Casamayor). Besides, the "buzzing noises" Morales hears is a bad sign. He should quit before it gets worse. I will not be surprised if they pull this fight off - I mean Pacquiao vs De La Hoya materialized despite it defying common sense.

I'm not discounting Morales off completely, I believe he can give Marquez a good fight but he has a health problem - that disturbs me.

Among the Mexican triumvirate Manny faced, Erik is the one who got my respect - not because of his attitude but his warrior heart.

I'll keep you updated with this development.

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