Sunday, October 19, 2008


I've been looking for some clips or videos of Nailin Palin and with painstaking search I've found some. Check this out. Nailin Palin is now the target of the establishment. The problem is some Americans' envy and jealously got into the mix and they joined the Anti-Palin bandwagon. They see her as some Queen Bee or older version of Paris Hilton. They get their ego boost by putting down others. Good or not, it would be better if we concentrate on what this woman is all about - her stand on issues and her past performance whether she could actually talk straight. What struck me with this woman is her reputation back in Alaska. I became wary of her but nothing personal. There is something about her that arouses my suspicion. I wonder why McCain chose her.

Update 10-20-08
You mean Nailin Paylin?

Sarah Palin has serious credibility issues, like most Republicans I guess.

Some British comedian's (if it does exist. Well a comedian has to be funny - that's the main requirement - most British are not) impression of Sarah Palin.

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