Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coach Yeng Guiao Bodyslams Rajko Toroman - in Words Again

Team Pilipinas Coach Yeng Guiao was quoted by the Manila Bulletin on its October 4, 2008 issue as saying to the effect money paid to SBP-backed Coach Toroman is better off spent on finding a foreign reinforcement.

"Kung may pera naman pala sila (SBP), di sana sa pagkuha na lang ng 7-footer na pwede i-naturalize for the national team ginamit," Guiao said to the newspaper.

Yeng Guiao who is also busy fighting Ed Panlilio in Pampanga is now waging a two-front battle (something even the United States Armed Forces isn't sure it could carry out) this time with foreign coaches esp. Toroman.

"Hiring foreign coach should be the least option. Under Philippine labor law, foreign worker can be done only if there is no available in our country and provided he or she has new technology or new system that is not yet known in our country."

Coach Yeng said he is not totally against foreign coaches provided there is really a transfer of technology and the role of Toroman clarified.

Is it really better off spending money on a foreign reinforcement than a foreign coach?

In the short term, it is but in the long term a foreign coach is more beneficial. Toroman's job is not just a coach, he is also a teacher and skills coach. The knowledge gain by the players will be enormous and cannot be quantified. Can one measure the benefit endowed to us by a mentor? Hiring a foreign mercenary is good but after the tournament what? Did we learn anything from him?

What new technology does Toroman bring?

Indepth knowledge of FIBA rules, strategies, tactics and nuances, it is something no PBA coach has. Yes it can be augmented by study and seminars but Toroman has practical knowledge already. Our coaches are experts but in NBA or American type of basketball which is effective if we are as athletic and tall as the Americans but our basketball players are midgets compared to competition - and poor shooters. That's the reason why Toroman is here to teach Filipino coaches so one of them could replace him in the future.

Gee, I wonder why it is okay to hire imports but not a foreign coach. In fact I think imports only encourage the locals to be lazy and dump all the work to the foreigner thus deteriorating the quality of professional leagues. College teams nowadays are filled with foreigners I wonder why nobody's giving a hoot.

In the news today, Coach Yeng Guiao is impressed with Solomon Mercado, Jared Dillinger, and Jason Castro plans to include them to his pool.

“Gabe Norwood is a given, being a member of the RP team to the last FIBA Asia championship. Among the new faces, Jared Dillinger, Solomon Mercado and Jason Castro are those who deserve a second look. They should be given a chance to be considered although they’re in for a tough competition considering the talents that we have in their spots." Guiao told Philstar.com

In a great move, the PBA also plans to invite Japeth Aguilar, the first Philippine-born basketball player in the US NCAA Division 1, in the pool.

It's about TIME!

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