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“If he could present a technology where six-footers could beat seven-footers, then there’s no problem with me,” said Guiao. “I’ll carry his bags. But as far as we know right now, there’s nothing new.”

"We have nothing personal, but we also have to protect the interest of the local coaches"

"It is not just a technical, but an emotional issue for local coaches like us"

These were the statements Coach Yeng Guiao unleashed in the broadsheets today referring to the hiring of SBP-backed Coach Rajko Toroman. Yeng wants appointment of foreigner Toroman justified and the guy's role clarified (wow it rhymes). The former believes there's no need to hire a foreign coach for the national team as we have coaches capable of doing the job. I respect his opinion but I do hope he reconsiders.

Thankfully for us, SBP Executive Director Noli Eala is in said to be in talks with Basketball Coaches Association of the Philippines (BCAP) head Chito Narvasa. It should be noted the BCAP is opposed to hiring of foreign basketball coaches in the country. Hopefully, something good with come out of it specifically Eala could convince BCAP to accept Toroman's appointment. There's no need for this. This is so unnecessary.

From the Inquirer:
Guiao stressed that they would only yield to a foreign coach if Toroman presents a solid program, which Filipino coaches are incapable of duplicating.

The only way Toroman could do that is if he's given a chance to helm the team.

I mean no disrespect for Filipino coaches but Toroman has one great advantage over local coaches - extensive experience in international brand of basketball. Let's admit it. Most coaches in the country are adept in American-style of play. It won't work for us since our athletes aren't as athletic and tall as the Americans - as the Redeem Team showed during the recent Olympics. We have seen local coaches blew away our chances of winning games in international tournaments because of their naivete. They made tactical errors. Nothing can replace experience. Besides his experience, Toroman is also credited with developing Iranian center Hamed Hadadi. He is also a great skills coach. If this isn't "technological advantage" I don't know what it is. His expertise was sought out by the Memphis Grizzlies and luckily for us, he turned down the offer. He could develop our young centers such as Slaughter and Fajardo. They need a great teacher.

As our previous experience showed, being a Filipino is not a guarantee the coach will stick around win or lose nor is a part-time coach a good thing either. Toroman will be loyal to his mother club - the national team itself. He will spend most of his time training his players than getting distracted by petty national tournaments the world doesn't even care.

Why do you like this Toroman guy?

He led a country to the Olympics something no Filipino coach in the last 30 - 40 years has done. Isn't it achievement enough? I'm sure our coaches could do it but our basketball deviated far away from the basics and there was no serious basketball program before that we lost our edge to other Asian nations. Besides, our best players don't compete in FIBA tournaments regularly before.As far as I'm concerned, it's enough to earn my respect considering there were eight other teams in contention for that Olympic spot but Iran beat them all. It's not like Toroman will coach our team forever. One of his Filipino pupils will takeover in the future thus making the technology transfer complete.

I would like the best person to lead our country. I want the best for our country. Settling for less isn't good enough for me. I'm frustrated at every International tournaments, Filipino coach's inexperience costs us games. The coaches admit it themselves. Ask Tim Cone. Ask Jong Uichico. I think Tim Cone gets pissed every time he thinks about the decisions he made at the 1998 Asian Games. If we allow Toroman to do his job, then inexperience is one stumbling block removed. The guy is seasoned international campaigner.

Noli Eala will use all the PR skills he has to dissuade the BCAP on its stand. I do hope he succeeds. I'm sure if properly explained the opposition will fizzle out. It is for the good of our country anyway. There are no losers here.

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