Monday, October 13, 2008

What is the Filipino Language?

What is the Filipino language? Well, Virginia there's no such thing as the Filipino language. It doesn't exist or it exists only on a political toilet paper called the Constitution. There are only Filipino languages namely, Hiligaynon, Bisaya, Ilokano, and Waray etc. Filipino language is actually Tagalog in disguise like the Trojan malware in your computer pretending to be a legitimate process but is destroying your machine. No, I'm not being harsh. It is the reality.

In schools, we are taught that Filipino is supposed to be Tagalog + Borrowed words from English & others + Regional languages. In reality the equation is Filipino = Tagalog. English add words are slowly being replaced and "translated" even like the word press conference in evening news a Tagalog equivalent is used. Is that proof enough? Let us not even get into grammar, syntax and what not. Why do Tagalog books in schools insist on the amusing word "kompyuter" instead of "computer" is beyond me. It is okay if only 100% of Filipinos are really native Tagalog but we are not. The Filipino language charade has been going on for so long when we all know it is Tagalog. Stop that! This charade has led some speakers to believe they are superior to others (they say Filipino is based on Tagalog - YEAH RIGHT - tell that to the Marines).

My biggest beef with "Filipino language" is this fictional language slowly creates a feeling of superiority to some people as if they are the be-all and end-all of being a Filipino. A Filipino should be some Barong Tagalog wearing guy that speaks like Balagtas (with a fig behind his ear hopefully) and those who don't speak with the right accent are ostracized and ridiculed on radio. Who give you the right to lord over us? Nothing... you are not the boss of us. An Igorot on Bahag is as Filipino as a Malong wearing person in Mindanao. You are never the standard of being a Filipino stop being one!

Why the resentment? Non-Tagalog people are NOT allowed to sing the National Anthem in their native tongue. We have been in this Island long before there was a republic. In addition, we are not ALLOWED TO STUDY OUR OWN LANGUAGE IN OUR SCHOOLS. Why doesn't the government allow us? IT IS OUR RIGHT TO DO SO GIVE IT TO US!!! Unlike Filipino, our Language is REAL.

Some Tagalista professor said it is our fault that our dialect is dying (notice the tone). HAHA! He is a comedian. Give Hiligaynon the necessary funding and I can tell you our language will thrive. In fact our language is thriving despite no government help. Can you say that honestly to that fiction Filipino language? Don't kid yourself.

Thankfully, many non-Tagalog Filipinos are waking up to this reality and are fighting back. There is a Kapampangan cultural renaissance happening led by confident Kapampangan youth who are proud of their way of life. Other short-sighted initiatives were held back - English is still the medium of instruction in schools. Even the National Anthem law is being challenged - local Cebuano legislators are leading the defiance. We realize only we can save our culture.

You may say, so what's the problem?

It is not enough. Only when regional languages are given the RESPECT & recognition they deserve. It means other Non-Tagalog languages should be intellectualized and taught in schools just like in other CIVILIZED NATIONS with RESPECT for DIVERSITY. There are more demands but survival is the top priority right now.

(To be continued)

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