Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Calzaghe Disses Pavlik; Maki Horikita Update

Joe Calzaghe disses Kelly Pavlik after the latter's defeat at the hands of Bernard Hopkins yesterday calling the American "overrated".

"I said all along Kelly Pavlik was overrated"

Look in the mirror Joe.

It should be recalled Pavlik wanted to fight Calzaghe but the Welsh ran away. Pavlik took on Hopkins and got schooled completely.

Calzaghe spent most of his years fighting patsies in Britain and when asked about fighting Hopkins again he said, "You can forget about a rematch with Hopkins as that's definitely not one the fans would look forward to."

He got knocked down by Bernard in their fight and is probably afraid of getting beat LOL. Man, anyone could get lucky winning once against Bernard but twice?
The Great Joe Calzaghe is running away from Hopkins. He loves his undefeated record so much. Great.

Maki Horikita

First episode of Maki Horikita's new drama Innocent Love got 16.9% ratings in Japan - a bit short of expectations but better than most Japanese doramas. A rating of 20% is considered a hit in the country. I'm thinking of avoiding this drama too as I've said before it is a tearjerker.

However, Hana Kimi SP is what I'm waiting for.
Hopefully, the Drama RAWs are available now and I reckon by next week subs are available.

Maki HorikitaThe very lovely Maki Horikita

source: friendster

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