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There's a war out there! It is a very brutal war - and its going on world wide. Is it World War Three? No, worse it is more like the battle between fans of two of the most popular Korean girl bands - Wonder Girls and Girls Generation. Whenever I visit Youtube or other discussion forums the respective groups fangirls and fanboys attack each other silly. I just can't help but notice for I can't believe their fans' fanaticism. This is not good natured teasing but hardcore hatred! It was reported the fighting was so bad forum moderators had to close the two girl groups discussion boards on

Red Corner - Girls Generation

During the opening of the concert, approximately 20 fans were injured and rushed to the hospital. The injuries occurred as fan clubs were fighting over their idols as well as for seats.

To make matters worse, while Girls' Generation performed for a duration of 10 minutes, all of the male idol group fan clubs turned off their glow sticks, as well as "boo-ed" the girls.


Blue Corner - Wonder Girls

To be fair to the two groups, fans of other groups got in the act too. Of course, the respective groups would definitely defend their fans.

The Wonder Girls stated, "If the fans are true music lovers, we wish they would just love music and get along with each other." In addition, "We are really thankful to our fans, the Wonderfuls. Although they too were involved with the incident at the Dream Concert, compared to other fan clubs they were a lot milder and gentler.


See the reactions from fans below (in the discussion), get my drift? If Emimem's fans and Ja Rule get it on I would understand it BUT NOT GIRL BANDS. I find it amusing, strange and sad. To think, the girls represent some sort of clean fun and joy. Their fans apparently don't get what the two girl groups represent.

This is not strictly a Korean phenomenon although physical fighting among pop group fans is nonexistent in other nations - it is usually fans of other music genre like rock and hiphop who cause mayhem. In the U.S. and Mexico, emo devotees are the target of violence by fans of metal and punk rock (see EMO wars).

The Japanese don't have girl power bands such as these (and no violence too). I think it is completely a Korean domain - and they attract followers Koreans and non-Koreans alike. I reckon there are many pretty Korean ladies to fill even more girl bands (recently a new group was launched) but every time I say that someone would post - it must be plastic surgery. I cannot disagree but not all of them - they are more than you think.

Chiisana Uta - Girl power Japanese style

Japanese girls are more into bands I guess like this one - Maria - the band's name. They rock!!!

Breaking news:
The two mentioned Korean girl bands performed each other's song yesterday (July 4) in a variety show. There would have been more bashing had the writer not warned the fans.Wow, it seems the fans of both groups have developed notoriety and are living it up- haha...unbelievable! Source

Girls Generation singing Tell Me

To be brutally frank about it, I like the Wonder Girls more. I marvel at Korea's ability to come up with many female idol groups and having real beauties in it too.

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