Sunday, September 14, 2008


Marquez finishing off Casamayor

While Manny Pacquiao is busy organizing fights that defy common sense, Juan Manuel Marquez is busy establishing credibility for himself in the lightweights. Thank goodness, there was a knockout. The fight, as I've said before, was too close to call! A knockout is the best way to win in boxing.

Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico defeated Joel Casamayor of Cuba via an eleventh round KO in the main event of the barely filled MGM Arena, Las Vegas, USA. A massive Marquez right staggered Casamayor with 34 seconds left in the said round. The defending Ring Magazine champion (Ring Magazine owned by Golden Boy the fight's promoter) got up and continued. Casa tried to hold on and finish the round but Marquez unleashed flurries with another right connecting on the Cuban effectively dropping the latter. The referee had seen enough and stopped the match. Congratulations Juan Manuel Marquez!

So two knockouts occurred today, the first one happened BEFORE the fight as Guzman was taken to the hospital canceling his match with Campbell and Marvin Gaye look-a-like Casa showed he has such a weak chin by kissing the canvass.

I told you Marquez is such a smart fighter. Casamayor could barely hit him relying most of the time on his left and his age (37 years old) really slowed him and it showed first against Katsidis. But he was lucky to finish Katsidis last March.

Boy, I want to see a Campbell-Marquez showdown. It is the next logical move I think. Forget Guzman. He should just stick to patsies. With world championship match and three titles at stake, Guzman forgot about it and failed the weigh-in.

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