Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Team Pilipinas coach Rajko Toroman thinks top Cebuano amateur basketball standouts Gregory Slaughter and Junmar Fajardo could be the pillars of his team in the future according to a report from Sunstar Cebu. He was impressed by the performance of the two during the CESAFI Final Four playoff matches on Sunday. In addition, eight to twelve Cebuano players caught the eye of the Serbian and were invited to his three-day workshop in November which would serve as a tryout for the national team pool. The SBP's long-term program reportedly covers the 2016 Olympics. Thank you for the vision Mr. Noli Eala sir. You are the right man for the job.

Slaughter is only showing 15 - 20% of his ability according to Toroman. The Serbian said the Cebuano lad must better his game and develop his rebounding skills.

I think Slaughter should learn how to play against cagers taller than him. In CESAFI, he is probably the tallest player so going against someone bigger than him could be an unfamiliar experience for the guy. In Asia, there are many players taller than him like Haddadi, Yao, and Yi. I think Toroman will work on that so Slaughter could match up better with those players in the future. It's a given, he will meet those players soon as a national team player.

You know what Toroman's team is more intriguing than Yeng Guiao's team! Aguilar, Slaughter, Fajardo, Buenafe, and Bringas are some of the players already on Toroman's wish list. Just look at the talent oozing in this team! We have a glimpse of
future Team Pilipinas! And I just can't hide my excitement! Wow, I overused the exclamation points again LOL.

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