Tuesday, August 5, 2008


The Ring Magazine

The upcoming Ring Magazine issue features Manny Pacquiao dubbed as the "Leader of the Pac" which he really is being the NO.1 P4P fighter in the World . It is on sale in the United States August 26.

Abroad, Pacquiao is greatly respected even the BBC calls him "the Filipino legend". In our country, the pathetic media turns him into a clown - wittingly or unwittingly. They want Manny to soak in the mediocrity THAT they are in. Thankfully, their antics hasn't affected the general perception of the Filipino people to Manny. HE IS A LEGEND. HE IS KNOWN WORLDWIDE MORE THAN ANY OTHER FILIPINO ENTERTAINMENT ICON AND THAT'S A FACT THEY HAVE TO SWALLOW.

Some Manny update:

Respected ESPN boxing writer and columnist Keiran Mulvaney who also reports for Reuters says he personally thinks the Oscar De La Hoya fight “is not a good match-up” for Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

Mulvaney told Viva Sports/Manila Standard Today that De La Hoya “is so much bigger than him (Pacquiao) and has been fighting at 154 pounds for six or seven years." Mulvaney also pointed out that De La Hoya “has a long jab and boxes well which does not play to Manny’s strengths.”

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I'm soaking in the moment - enjoying every accomplishment our living legend is doing. I have commented on the OLDH vs Manny Pacquiao match up before and I plan to make a new one if the fight pushes through. I prefer Manny unify the lightweight division first than flirt with disaster.

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