Saturday, September 27, 2008


A North Korean waitress who sparked comments such as these:

Why do I like North Korean girls? Because you get to see what a hot Korean girl looks like WITHOUT any plastic surgery.
Wangkon936 from Youtube

She really looks like Kim Tae Hee. Even the skin tone and the hair style. If an average waistress is this much, imagine what the real one would be like.

In the Korean peninsula, they have a saying that the "ultimate women are in the north..." Intrigued by the saying I searched the net for some collaboration. I mean the Korean women we usually see on TV are beautiful but they are from the South...if the saying is true then the North Korean women should be better looking! (At the investigation of South Korean fans themselves, several of their beautiful female actresses were later discredited as man-made beauties).

dancing waitresses

Since its suicide going to North Korea and their citizens are tightly controlled by their government, the only way to get a glimpse of these alleged beauties is to go to various DPRK restaurants proliferating in South East Asia. Rumor has it the waitresses were carefully culled from the population. Only beautiful women were selected and judging from the videos, I reckon the tale has some basis.

I think the North Korean girls would rather sing in restaurants abroad than be part of Kim Jong Il's pleasure brigade (Gimppeumjo) or modern day kisaengs made famous here by Hwang Jin-yi. It's just too bad for these North Korean beauties. Their state exploits them either as overseas-based waitress or pleasure ladies.

When Asian Guys Get The Girls

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