Monday, September 1, 2008


Christmas season has arrived in my country! It usually starts with the coming of the first -ber month as in September. September is also the month most of my classmates were born. I can't blame their parents - January is a very cold month!

My country has the longest Christmas season in the world. It starts today and ends on first week of January (Three Kings). I will not be surprised to hear Christmas songs starting today. Malls and supermarkets are probably blaring Christmas tunes right now to spur up shopping. Officially though the last week of November is when parols, Christmas trees and other decorations are put up for all the neighbors to see and envy!

YAHOO (sorry Google)!!! The season of buying I mean giving is upon us. Put Christmas in your hearts! Seriously, I love this season.

Christmas is after Manny Pacquiao - Oscar De La Hoya fight.....hmmmmm. Some people will have a bonanza come December.

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