Monday, August 4, 2008


MANILA, Philippines -- The Supreme Court has stopped the signing of the memorandum of Agreement between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front over ancestral domain and set the hearing on August 15, its spokesman said.

The high tribunal also ordered the executive to provide the court and the parties that petitioned concerned a copy of the MOA not later than August 8, said lawyer Midas Marquez, information chief of the Supreme Court, Monday...for full story

Good. The agreement must be studied carefully.

The government needs to prove nothing to the rebels as the former's forces don't behead helpless combatants on the other side and boast about it. It is the other side with the history of deception.

I remember the hypocrisy of some sectors when several Marines were summarily executed last year. I didn't hear Communists' infiltrators speak out against it maybe they were even happy at what had happened. Their silence was deafening.

Marines have human rights too...The government isn't the one acting like animals here.

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