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"Watch out SEA Games! I'm a National and SEA Games record holder". Some clown on TV. Still happy despite the devastating loss. My impression is he doesn't care. Source

The Philippine Olympic Committee president Jose “Peping” Cojuangco said all the members of the 15-man Philippine contingent made a performance “we all can be proud of” despite their failure to win a single medal in the XXIX Olympic Games here. “They did all the best they could and I think they deserve all the gratitude of the Filipino people even though they did not win any medal,” Cojuangco said to Philstar.

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its scary when we celebrate failure.. that means its okay to fail ..better luck next time next olympics please.. if that is the kind of officials ..then we will not really improve ..we will continue to be the laughing stock of our neighbors.. no accountability ..failing to rectify previous mistakes..other countries have step up their training..while for us its okay to fail as long as you did you r best you make our country proud..that kind of mentality will not lead us to sports excellence..

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From Quinito Henson:

Tañamor’s exit was a shame. His Ghana opponent Manyo Plange was not scouted. Tañamor struggled in making the weight. He foolishly hoped to score points with body punches. If Tañamor was an eyesore in the ring, his cornermen were worse off. Tañamor was a sorry excuse for a fighter. Retirement is his only option.

Even more shameful was Tañamor’s apparently nonchalant attitude after losing. The two-time Olympian, who was booted out of the national team for the 2006 Asian Games for disciplinary reasons, appeared to be unaffected by the setback, like he couldn’t care less.

Trap shooter Eric Ang, the oldest in the delegation at 37, looked like a novice in finishing dead last of 35 contenders. He compiled scores of 19-24-22-21-20 to post a 106 total compared to Czech gold medalist David Kostelecky’s 146. National Shooting Association of the Philippines president Art Macapagal, who witnessed the bungle, said Ang was out of rhythm in missing the cutoff for six finalists by 13 birds.

Divers Sheila Mae Perez and Ryan Fabriga didn’t get along with their Chinese coach Zhang Deju who’d been on the job for eight years. Perez disagreed with Zhang on the degree of difficulty to undertake in her maneuvers while Fabriga was chastised for reporting eight pounds over his diving weight. The relationship between Zhang and the divers was far from healthy and it showed in their performance. (So what good came out when you disagreed with your coach?-mine)

Perez was lambasted for a dreadfully huge splash in her second effort, a backward 2 1/2 tucked somersault in the three-meter springboard. She scored 251.15 points to finish 23rd of 30 and was outshone by two Malaysians. The qualifying mark was 373.9 points. Fabriga was last among 30 contenders in the 10-meter platform event.

Long jumpers Henry Dagmil and Marestella Torres were a disappointment. Dagmil registered only one legitimate jump at 7.54 meters, way below his record of 7.99 and the top qualifying mark of 8.27 to advance to the semifinals. His last two attempts were scratched because of infractions, a clear indication of lack of focus.

Torres blamed the crack of the starting gun in the 200-meter race on a nearby track for blunting her concentration in her first jump. She also claimed a leg injury. Her first leap of 4.27 meters was a far cry from her record of 6.63. Despite the supposed injury, Torres jumped to 5.94 in her second try and 6.17 in her third. Unfortunately, the top qualifying mark was 6.87. She wound up 34th of 41. (Is this the first time you heard this? -mine)

The only Olympic athletes I'm proud of are Tshomlee Go and Marie Antoinette Rivero. They refused to settle for any thing less than a gold. They worked really hard (spent six months in Korea to prepare for the Games). Their training is whole year round. Unfortunately, Go got cheated and Rivero was totally outclassed. But I'm still proud of them.

However, I'm disgusted with athletes who go to the Olympics to establish National records (do that in some National Meet) then laugh it off as if it was nothing. The Olympics is the worst place to do that for it means you are not serious. The benchmark is very, very low. These athletes were already defeated even before their foot touched Beijing. Don't get me wrong I mean no disrespect but with this attitude will you not get angry?

The usual headlines after a disastrous sporting debacle are now back. Words like overhaul, drawing board, and back to square one are fashionable again. YAWN.

Congratulations to Willy Wang!

Willy Wang’s gold medal victory in Friday’s taolu competition at the Olympic Sports Center touched off a memorable celebration among the very few Filipinos who cared for the sport of wushu here, according to a delegation official.

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