Friday, August 8, 2008


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The wall of gray haze around the National Stadium and across the city cut visibility down to a mile. On the eve of opening ceremonies, Beijing's polluted air took center stage Thursday as the most visibly pressing problem for Olympic organizers who had promised to clean up the Chinese capital.
Despite China's enormous attempts to improve the air quality in the run-up to the Summer Games, the stubbornly thick haze that covered the city illustrated how difficult and elusive a target clear skies can be. In the end, it will come down to the wild card of weather: rain and wind...for full story

Spectators in Beijing Bird's Nest Stadium preparing for a chemical attack I mean the opening ceremonies currently ongoing ( just kidding)

International Olympic Committee (IOC) chief
Jacques Rogge on Thursday hailed Beijing's "extraordinary" effort to cut pollution, despite familiar smog pervading the city on the eve of the Games.

Air quality has been one of the top concerns for the 10,500 athletes coming to Beijing for the Olympics, with Rogge fanning those worries last year when he said endurance events could be postponed if the pollution was heavy...for full story

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Well, there's no stopping the Olympics! The action starts tomorrow. I love world wide gatherings such as this to be honest. You want to realize the magnitude of this event? Scan the newspapers of different countries world wide and you will get it.

It is now 8:00 pm MST and IT HAS BEGUN!!!

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