Monday, August 25, 2008


To show, its public that their nation still dominate, American networks, ESPN.COM and others began ranking countries by total medals instead of sorting it by gold medals deviating from generally accepted international standard (like Kyoto Protocol). Fox, which wished it thought of it first, followed days later to prove that it isn't anti-American and a true-blue patriot (along with the routine sex ads on comment sections). Thankfully, the rest of the world (including my country's) news and sports news organizations refused to follow it and presented the truth as it is.

It prompted one very disgusted response:

Has it come to this? Is the USA really so desperate to avoid accepting defeat gracefully, that we have to start inventing our own medal tables in order to find a way to claim we're still the best? What an immature nation we are. From

Here's the BBC

Much has been made of the Great Britain team's lofty position in third place in the official Olympics medals table.

That is based on the number of gold medals, with the number of silver and bronze medals only counting when two countries have the same number of golds.

Maybe with this in mind, and half an eye on China, media in the US have been publishing a table of total medals won, regardless of colour, and that puts the US top.

Meanwhile, American media accuse Chinese media of not presenting the news accurately, slanting it to suit their needs effectively fooling their own people.

Enough with the double standards!

Final Medal Tally

China 51 Golds 21 Silvers 28Bronzes 100 Total
United States 36 Golds 38 Silvers 36 Bronzes 110 Total

Gold is the standard at the Olympic games esp to a powerful nation like USA (for us a bronze would be enough realistically speaking). For example, Phelps won also 8 medals in 2004 but wasn't as celebrated as he is now for he only won 6 golds and two bronzes then. Now its different - he still won 8 medals all of it gold. To say otherwise is baloney.

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